Love shopping online? Love cash back rebates? Then, you should sign up for Ebates!!! It only takes you 15 seconds to sign up

With Ebates you’ll receive cash back on each purchase you make online through more than 1,500 stores. Plus, if you’re new you’ll even get a FREE $10 Gift Card to either Walmart, Target, Macy's, Kohl's or a $5 Gift Card to Ebates just for joining. All you need to do to be eligible for this bonus is simply complete a $25 purchase!

I personally love Ebates very much! If you haven’t already joined I highly recommend GOING HERE to do so as it’s a great way to get more of your hard earned money back into your pocket. When you start adding up $3 here, $5 there, it can really make a difference! 

Ebates offers cash back for over 1,500 stores. The cash back rewards range from 1% to 52%

Here are some cash back examples from Ebates stores: (NOTE: Even sweeter, most of them have higher cash back % than I list below.) 

** Amazon 3%

** NFL 2.5%
** Groupon 3%
** Walmart 4%
** Lowe's 2%
** Kmart.com 2%
** Old Navy 12%
** GAP 12%
** North face 12%
** Drugstore 12%
** Magazines.com 26%
** Disney store 5%
** Virison @ Ebates $5-$95
** Gap 12%
** Buy.com 2.5%-5%
** Bookstone 5%
** 1800Flowers 12%
** Gift cards from 1% - 15%
** Sephora 12%
** JcPenney 12%
** Hotels.com 3.5%
** and MORE.

Event better, they offer "double cash back" everyday. They will choose few stores to do "double cash back" everyday. 

So, before you shop, you should get your online cash back plan in order.

* you can cash $5 once you purchase $25 or more via Ebates.  

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