If you love to earn extra money like I do, you will love GiftHulk
  • Sign up now and get 600 Hulk Coins to start off.
  • You can redeem $5 Amazon gift card or Paypal cash for 5000 Hulk Coins; 
  • Weekly payments are sent out every Sunday!
How to earn Coins? 
  • Sign up: 600 Hulk Coins for signing up. This is one time only earning
  • Set Prize Goal: You earn 50 HCs by setting your prize goal. You can find it on your right top. This is one time only earning. 

  • Search to earn: You earn 4 HCs for searching, once an hour, every day!
  • Guess the Card: you can find it on the right lower page (As shown below). 
If you guess the suit or/and rank right, you got HC. You can choose from "guess the card" to win 50 HC but this is the hardest one. You have at least 5 chips daily to play when you sign up. Then 10 chips when you are in Silver level (earn 1,000 HCs) and more for higher level (see level chart below). Good luck! 

  • Targeted Videos and One Click Offers: Most of daily points I earn from this section. On the home page, click on  "You have ? videos to watch" and then you will see image as shown below. Click on each to earn points. You can keep earning until it said "unavailable." Normally, I earn hundreds of points in these 2 sections.   
  • Survey Check in: You will earn 5 HC by simply checking in survey. No need to take any survey, just check in for 5 HC. 
  • Survey: if you'd like, so survey to earn hundreds HC. If you don't qualify for the survey, you will get 20 HC for each disqualified survey. Every time you complete or disqualify a survey, you have one mark on the "survey club" bar, you will earn 25 HC for 10 marks on the bar. 
  • EZ Coins: I check it daily to see if there are new easy offers. I don't normally do high coins offers because they might ask you to download something or sign up to some programs which are just not for me. I only do like watching videos or click through to earn...etc. 
  • Offer Walls: Don't miss this part. They have 7 offer walls. I normally click them all daily to see if there are new offers. Same with EZ Coins, I do NOT do high coin offers. I only do watching video or click through (which might be 11 or 14 coins). I especially love the "RadiumOne" wall. They have many 14 HC offers daily.  
  • Bonus codes:  I will post on my Facebook page if they have new bonus codes. You can enter the code at the Fountain of Youth to claim HCs. 
  • GiftHulk TV: You earn coins by watching their TV. You will get 10 HCs by watching 10 videos and they offer from 40  to 90 bonus HCs for every 5 rounds (50 videos) you watch.  
  • Bonus Bar: Once you reach the daily goal they set up for you (find it on your left hand site), you will get bonus HCs. 

  • Refer friends: You will get 100 HCs once you have a friend join it via your personally link. You will get another 500 HCs once your referral reach Silver level (1,000 HCs which is easy). 
  • And More. Above are ways I normally earn coins from GiftHulk, but you can also earn coins by doing survey, task, and more. Just click on "Earn" on their homepage to check them out.
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This site is so similar with Swagbucks which I'm a member for years. 

If you want to earn extra money on rewards sites, GiftHulk, InstaGC, and Swagbucks  are the 3 sites I'm doing now. I believe you will love them as I do.

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    I love swagbucks so I will check out this can you invite me by email? earl at bitsfit dotc

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