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SwagBucks (SB)-- Believe me. You don't want to miss this.

It is an online search engine that rewards you for searching online. You earn SB points by searching, taking survey, watching SB TV and more. That's all. So easy!

Ways to earn points: 
There are many ways to earn SB. Here are ways I usually do. 

1. For new members only: 
    -- Sign up and get 30 SBs to start off. 
    -- Whenever you add a profile picture, you will earn 15 points. Plus, when you liking them on Facebook, 5 more points will go into your account. 

2. Earn 2 SB--> This might be the easiest one to earn points. Looking the image as shown below. Click on it. Once you've done one activity, click "watch another video" and you will be able to earn another 2 SB until. I normally earn nearly a hundred SB from this activity. 

3. Special activity --> Second easiest way to earn points! Find icon as shown below to earn 2 SB by clicking through only 5 video links. You can find it in inner mailbox or "my Swagbucks." Once you do one, the icon will disapear and you need to refresh the page and it will come out again. Repeat it until the icon doesn't show up. You can do this daily. 

4. Activities: Click "Activities" under "Discover" on the top. Tons of points for you to earn daily. Again, I earn nearly a hundred points daily by doing these easy activities. 

5. Search to earn. My experiences tell me that I could earn 2-4 times a day, 7-12 SB points every time and some lucky people get 20 to 50 points. Every Friday is Mega Friday which means you have chance to earn more bucks by searching on Friday. When you see image as shown below, you earn SBs. ^_^

6. Fellow me on Facebook. I will post the newest code hint and reminder for you to earn extra SB points. Swagbucks gives code out 1 times a day (sometimes more). The code might be worth 3-12 points. It is a good way to earn extra points. Just follow me on FB. I will hint you codes. Click the circle image on the right top (as shown below) to enter your codes.

7. Daily guaranteed points---> 1) Download the SB toolbar. You will earn 1 point everyday just for opening the browser. 2) Go to daily pool on the left of SB website and vote. You will earn 1 point after you vote. 3) Go to NOSO on the left of SB website and skip all offers. You will earn 2 points everyday by doing this. All of these will make you earn daily guaranteed 4 points.

8. You also can find bonus SB on their home page. These normally show up at midnight. When you get chances to see them, they usually worth around 3- 8 SB. 

9. Print and redeem your coupon from SwagBucks to earn 10 SB each coupon.  Most of coupons on Coupons.com is available on SwagBucks Coupon. Why not print coupon from SwagBucks and earn SB!

10. People do survey, but I only do it when I have time. You can earn 50 -200 SB per survey. However, you may not be qualified for every available survey. 

11. Swag TV. Every 10 TV clips you watch, you will earn 3 points. See the measurement on the top, you will know how many clips you've seen. 

12. Check your SwagBucks mail (on the top right) if you have new mail(s). SwagBucks gives out easy points via their inner email box. 

Above are ways I usually do to earn points. However, you could earn more by click the tab "earn" on the top of SB website. Find your own ways to earn on SB. It so easy.

Plus, anyone can refer their friends to use Swagbucks and earn your points faster.

What Do You Redeem?

1. So, my favorite one is $5 Amazon gift card. It’s the best value I’ve found in the gift cards section of the Swagstore. You only need 450 SB points to redeem it.  I usually reach 450 points by 3-7 days. It's so easy to earn $5 Amazon gift card. You should start to earn it.
(I redeemed my first $5 Amazon GC 1 week after I joined SB)

2. Then, $5 Paypal cash is the newest one. PayPal means CA$H. Yes, you could turn your search into real CA$H. It takes you 700 SB points to redeem. Love CA$H.

3.   I also love $10 Starbucks gift card. Sb will mail you the gift card. It requires you 1300 SB points to redeem it. Enjoy your free coffee.

Find your favorite one. 

What are you waiting for? START NOW!!


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